Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Tom builds a country store kit.........

 Got this kit from Bill Davis several years ago.....he told me it was Rail-Scale-Models first kit and he had brought a couple of them up to my place for a small narrow gauge meet among friends.

I liked it, bought it and put it on my "to build someday" shelf in the closet.  I found it a month ago and thought it would be fun to get it built, thinking maybe I could fit it into the town of Strong, Maine where I had some room.

The kit was really well done and included a lot of neat castings (individual coke bottles and the old wood cases to hold the empties!) Lot's of signage I only used about 10% of what was supplied!

I like the way the kit built up but I wonder if it looks a little too much like a NC country store rather than a Maine country store....time will tell.

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